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Control and Monitor your farm from your office

Farms and Agriculture

Imagine this. And wonder if it’s fact or fiction. A remote sheep station deep in the heart of Western Australia with 3000 sheep, no homestead & completely unmanned. 590 km away in Perth, the station owner monitors the property from his office computer.

By using the Sentor system he can check the water level in the troughs, watch the sheep drink from their trough by video, he can watch them on the way in and he records the data on his tag reader any can even remotely muster the sheep into yards by closing the gates. All this with the click of a mouse and by taking advantage of the Sentor remote monitoring and control system.

This innovative system which is relatively low cost and easy to use, is simple enough for farmers to use themselves and if they need help they just obtain support from Sentor. By utilising the Sentor system for farming and agriculture, farmers can example, cut down on the number of tanker runs they need by at least 50%. This represents savings of thousands of dollars and many, many man-hours saved.

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