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Below is a calculator that will help you realize the real costs and potential savings with deploying a Sentor control system at your tower sites. The calculator only takes into account a few of the costs during an outage. For more accurate values please contact us.

Downtime Outage Calculator (Costs)

Calculate how much money you will save by installing a Sentor Monitoring and Control system at each tower site.

Base values are from an average site with 8 towers and an average of 1 outages per month.

Total Number Of Sites

Average Number Of Outages Per Month

Average Time Per Outage (Hours)

Average Cost Per Outage Per Hour In Lost Revenue

Cost Of Technician Time Per Hour

Average Additional Cost Per Outage (eg Travel)

Percentage Of Faults Fixable Remotely

Average Time To Fix Fault Remotely

Sentor Cost Per Month, Per Site (Approx $95/m over 48 months)

Total Outages Per Year:

Total Hours Of Outage Per Year:

Total Cost per Year Of Outage Time:

Yearly Cost Of Technician Time:

Yearly Additional Cost:

Total Yearly Cost Of Outage:

NEW Yearly Outage Cost:

Potential Yearly Savings:

Yearly Savings Per Site:

Pay Back Period (For Monitoring Systems - Years):

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