Automation For Your Home

Home Automation With Sentor

Home automation isn’t just turning on and off the lights with a ‘connected’ device. Sentor can be used to automate more than the simple tasks. Let’s think about it, you go on holiday for two weeks but you don’t want the home to be a vulnerable target, with Sentor tasks can be set, for example turn the lights on in certain rooms at specific times during the holiday to warn off potential thieves. You may also want to monitor how full the mailbox is and then alert a neighbor when it needs to be emptied. Tasks like these can often seem too complex for traditional systems but with Sentor all of these are very easy to complete and once set they will be left to run autonomously.

How Sentor Can Be Integrated Into Your Home

Sentor can be used as the brain behind your automated home. The Sentor system is able to automate complex tasks such as:

If Time is greater than 18:31 then Turn on ‘Outside Lights’, lower the blinds and dim indoor lighting by 15%


if ground moisture level is less than 10.52% and outside temperature is greater than or equal to 20 degrees, and the time is less than 17:00 and greater than 09:00 then turn on sprinklers in front garden until moisture level is greater than 32%.

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