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SenTrend is a software package that operates side by side with SitePRO, SenTrend is a Site Network Management package that is used when monitoring multiple sites (more than 5 sites), and can be automated to call each site on a scheduled and/or manual basis. When SenTrend calls (or Polls) each site in the site list, it establishes communications with the site, downloads the memory logs from the controller, and then progresses to the next site in the list.

SenTrend automates connectivity and management of your critical remote site data, which can then be exported in to a spreadsheet for data analysis via Graphs or whichever method you choose.SitePRO does not need to be running when using SenTrend.

SenTrend now has an upgraded version which incorporates the new and diverse technologies of Google Maps, to your remote sites.

Demonstration of SenTrend in action

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